Fslaser 5th gen conversion

I honestly don’t know anything about how that flow sensor works. I think 2 wires are power and the 3rd is signal out?

I just left it disconnected. Don’t ask about that time I totally didn’t run the tube without water flow.

Some of the K40’s do have some sort of flow sensor that is wired directly through, that could be worth looking into. And yes, those probably only have 2 wires.

I have the machine all wired up and it runs great until I enable the laser to fire then I get an grbl alarm 3 message whenever it is part way through the cut any thoughts? The alarm will happen both if laser is being fired by the control or being fired manually while the machine is in motion.

Update when running the laser at 2% power it appears to work properly and the time before it triped the alarm does vary A little but it seems that the higher the laser power the shorter the time the machine operates before tripping the alarm.

Got everything running had a grounding issue within the machine the machine box wasn’t properly grounded and caused feedback on everything when the laser fired. This is so much better than the stock FSL board


Hmmm, I may or may not have experienced that :slight_smile:

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