First try at a custom project


(Cliff Bryans) #1

I have a fairly large collection of Woodsmith magazine back issues. Once apon a time you used to be able to get binders to keep them safe in. As they are no longer available I have decided to design my own. This is my first try, still needs a few adjustments, but pretty good so far.

The official Woodsmith binder.

My custom design.

The binder rings were taken from a cheap office supply store binder, and then fastened with small tapered head screws and nuts.


Is this still with the original controller or did you get a C3D and do the upgrade without me ever noticing?

(Cliff Bryans) #3

This was on the laser I’m using at my local makerspace until I get mine built.

(Anthony Bolgar) #4

I would epoxy the binder rings to the wood, that way there are no screws or nuts showing.