First time setup, driving rotary OR Z table

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Machine: K40 with stock nano board

Board: Cohesion Laserboard

I am providing a 24V 8A SMPS for motors instead of using the 24V output on the stock supply. My plan is to use the stock power supply only for lighting up the tube itself. I plan on using either (but not both at the same time) the HM Rotary, or the Z table, depending on which projects I’m running. I won’t be using the 24V 5A brick that came with the laserboard, the SMPS will replace that.

Do I actually need another stepper driver external to the laserboard for this?
I’m confused because the board already has four stepper drivers populated, and I would assume they intended all four to be used.

I don’t know what current this board supplies to the motors, or how that is adjusted. Since I’m already going in for the big rewiring, I’d like to get everything that I can taken care of in one operation.


About to be covered here:

The HM Rotary is fine with the built in drivers but the HM Z Table uses a larger stepper motor that requires an external driver. On the flip, a Z Table with a smaller (read: not monster) stepper motor can indeed use the built in driver.

We still prefer that you use our brick to power the board to ensure the greatest stability possible during operation. If for no other reason than just so I can tell you to plug the power brick into a different outlet if you experience a disconnect :slight_smile:

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