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Hi there!

Since we are troubleshooting a few flaws with engraving, I am very curious exactly which firmware is currently running on my Cohesion3D board.
I hoped that in console the command ‘version’ would tell me this, but to me it seems that this is a hardware version and not the firmware - is that true?

Since he recognized and responds to this command in the console, is it safe to assume that he runs Smoothieware (?) and no other GRBL-based custom code?

In the end, I would like to be able to upgrade to the latest smoothieware firmware to see if this resolves my issues with engraving.


Hi Steven,

The Cluster Smoothie version of the firmware has been out since June 2019 and would have been loaded on the SD card for the order you placed. The version information is for the firmware details. If it’s showing the June date and build flags in the command output, then you should be on the latest version.


The board can run Smoothieware or GRBL-LPC. It is defaulted with Smoothie unless you manually change it.

To confirm that this is enabled in LightBurn, go to Device Settings from the gear icon in the toolbar and check the box for Smoothie Clustering.

Please explain what types of issues you are encountering, as reflashing the firmware may not fix the underlying concern. Images or a video of the symptoms you are experiencing will help us diagnose and provide direction for the next steps.

Hi Starla,

thanks for the switft reply!
This info is indeed somewhat different than what I am finding, so it is good that I checked.

-Smoothy clustering is on, thanks.

Build version: edge-45d39d39NOMSD, Build date: Mar 20 2018 14:29:55, MCU: LPC1769, System Clock: 120MHz
  CNC Build   NOMSD Build
4 axis

Also, seeing this I am very curious for a changelog, version history or some reference. Looking at the smoothieware Github there have been many changes since your timestamp.

Can you clarify more on this?

The error that we are seeing is with engraving he sometimes puts in random lines, as in, connecting two seperate shapes that would have been side-by-side. It also is highly inconcequent, as shown with this duplicated dog image.

It seems / sounds like a overload of lines, but while reading up on that issue I found several articles on the smoothieware clustering, GBRL-LPC etc.

We have tried turning off Smoothie clustering in Lightburn and the results seem very promising. I absolutely thought that the clustering was meant for smoothieboard and complex engraving, but it starts to seem that this was actually causing our problems…

The clustering is used to increase the speed of raster engraving. This is the first I’ve heard of the clustering causing artifacts like this. Can you take some screenshots of your settings in LightBurn, both of the machine settings and the layer settings? Is this a filled vector drawing or a raster image?

This artifact is what happens when you have the clustering toggle enabled in LightBurn but don’t have the required clustering firmware, as the toggle warns you :slight_smile:

That is not the build of our firmware that has clustering, as your Build date is not June.

Get the proper firmware: Improved Raster Speed Firmware Update for Cohesion3D Boards!

Hi Ray (and others!),

thank you very much for the clear answer. Yesterday I have updated the firmware and rechecked the clustering toggle in LB, it works flawless now! :smiley:

Is there a way I might be able to contribute to documenting this? Asin, what I started out looking for on the cohesion3D board were for instance a changelog or a clear “check your firmware this way, clustering is only supported from firware build X and up”.

Also, I have found several links to several firmware-files but I have not found a clear answer to what firmware to look for, or what I was downloading exactly. So maybe a github(alike) style with versions stated in the filename or with version backlog might be an idea.

Topic with a dropbox-link

Knowledge base with link to a ZIP-archive

Hi Steven,

We are in the process of updating all of the documentation and had already made note of this upon your original inquiry. Thanks for your offer and your input!

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