Firmware to run the A and Z sockets on the C3mini

I am trying to get my HM rotary working, I have the K40, C3 mini, lightburn, I have tried to plug directly into the A socket nothing happens, I have the stepper motor driver set up plugged into the mini and hooked the rotary into it, there is movement but you can hardly tell it’s moving. is there a firmware upgrade that I need.

If you have some movement, I would suspect it is just a configuration issue. I would contact the rotary manufacturer to find out how to configure it.

Thanks for the comment, it works if I plug it into the y socket so that tells me the rotary is working but it won’t work in the A socket that tells me it’s a firmware problem or lightburn problem, is there a newer firmware download that I can try. Thanks

So to make sure I understand correctly…

This is our guide on how to hook up a z table and rotary to a C3D Mini, but you haven’t used any of the parts shown here and you’ve just put a A4988 green stepper driver module directly into the board’s A port?

Have you made any changes to the configuration file on the board or put new firmware onto it?

Because all the information is in that article. But don’t use the !o portion of the config lines if you’re using an A4988 driver directly in the board.

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