Fill+Line settings not working as expected

I have been using C3D for some time now and just came across two bugs that I can’t find any solution for.

#1 when using Fill+Line setting, the Fill works as expected, but the Line barely utilizes any of the power and does hardly nothing. I have to go back and redo the “line” job in order for it to burn in. This has to be tested on another machine to determine if it is a bug or not because it doesn’t show up in the preview like it does on the end result.

#2 in an attempt to fix #1 I duplicated the design and set layer 1 to Fill and layer 2 to Line. This created a unique situation where any overlapping holes in the design (the letter O for example) would fill the entire O and not just the letter. It would then complete the Line job.
This even shows up in the preview.

I’m using the latest version of C3D 0.9.11

I’m not allowed to upload files, but can send the examples upon request.

You likely haven’t tuned the line settings in the layer configuration - it’s kinda in a non-obvious place.

Look at the above screenshot right in the middle - where it says, “Line Settings,” you can configure the speed and power for the vector pass.

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I’ll give that a try, at first look, that seems to have been the issue for #1

However, I think #2 could be a bug.

From your description it could be “working as designed” - intersection of objects on different layers don’t typically break fill operations. If you want another object to break the fill, that has to be done on the same layer as your source object.

The text object here is duplicated and overlaid 1:1 and doesn’t seem to show the issue you’re seeing …

The vector objects however are on different layers and shows Lightburn’s normal behavior.

Try this. Duplicate Mexico directly on top of Mexico and change the layer/color. Then set the action to “Line”. I believe you will see that the “o” in Mexico is filled.

Well now my software isn’t doing it… odd. No software update, but my computer did restart overnight so maybe it’s something weird with Windows… DEFINITELY a possibility.