Feature Idea: Repeat Last Job

Machine: K40 + Cohesion3D

Firmware: Smoothie

Question: I primarily use my laser to cut out velcro for embroidered patches that I make. I was wondering if there is a way to add or implement a way to load a G-code file to the SD card and make a button to repeat the last job.

My production flow is I have lightburn setup and loaded for my design, and I press play. I normally tape my mouse to the machine and just click it. It would be nice to just use the SD card so I don’t need my computer to run it.

Right now it works using the controller alone. But after you select the file it goes back to the DRO main screen and it’s a lot of manipulation to replay the file. If there was a config setting to prevent the firmware from leaving the file selection screen that would be awesome!

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I have the basic small K40 (between the tiny 25-30W and the large. I also run Cohesion 3D and Lightburn. When I load a job, and hit “play”, it runs the job and stops. If I click Play again, it repeats the job. There should be no need to reload or redo anything other that hit run.

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