Faulty c3d mini

(David Fox) #1

Does anyone repair the c3d boards? Mine stopped working one day. Doesn’t power on.


Sorry to hear that! We’re not able to do any repair work on the boards.

Can you elaborate on what is and is not happening with the board - how you have it wired, what LEDs are and are not doing? Pics and Video help a lot.

(David Fox) #3

Dont worry about ti i was interested if it could be repaired. It was installed in my k40 for quite some time and was working fine and one day i switched it on heard a pop and now no more power.

(David Fox) #4

I managed to find time to try and take a look at the controller.

Here is what I get when I power it up


Try removing the memory card and power up again. Try to determine exactly which lights are on, and if anything changes tell me exactly what.

(David Fox) #6

powered the controller up without the memory card and same issue.

just the one Red LED vMOT on


Ah. Then it is probably dead. My condolences.

This is usually caused by the main microprocessor chip burning, so the repair work that involves replacing that chip is by no means simple.