Failed PS after 2 days

I recently upgraded my K40 to the c3d laserboard. After 2 days I cant cut through 1/8" acrylic. Mirrors, lens, alignment, clean is all good. It appears the stock PS or flyback is failing. I’ve ordered a new tube and PS.

Question, could the c3d pulsing have hastened the stock PS failure? Thoughts. Thks :slight_smile:

Cutting over last two days was mostly 1/8 acrylic. 6mm/s at 10ma output. All cutting other then a couple hours playing with photos on tile.

I’ve tried it with three different power supplies and all have performed well with no problems. I would have to think that if your power supply was already on the way out, it couldn’t perform as needed and decided to just give up.

So it’s possible the power supply already had faulty components.

That’s what I figured. But it never hurts to ask :slight_smile:

PWM is awesome! The first time I used the C3D and LightBurn, I created different settings (layers) for several different lines and rasters just to get a feel for it, and when it carried them all out automatically, I was in love. :blush:

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