Everything is working in reverse

Machine: Chinese 60 w co2

Board: Cohesion 3d

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Hi I have installed the new board with its own power supply when I power it all the laser goes to the top right hand side as its home. To make the laser head move to the left I have to click on the right of the grid in the light burn software to move it down I have to click on the top of the grid. if I get the laser head to the centre of the work space and have put some text in for the head to cut or engrave the head moves very fast the laser does not fire but it does seam to move as if its trying to cut or engrave the text. can anyone help please …… my work space is 600 mm x 400 mm and when I turn on the cohesion board I have rapid flashing green lights and a red light that stays on all the time.

You can either unplug each stepper motor and flip the connector over 180 degrees and stick it back in (not recommended) or the best and easiest way i think is to edit the config.txt file on the sd card. if i remember correctly there is a line in there to change stepper direction. alpha_dir_pin or something like that. It goes alpha, beta, gamma and so on for the steppers. This is from memory so I might be close or way off…

Sorry I have no idea how to do that with the SD card I was told this was a plug in play and sorry maybe I forgot to mention the laser is not firing with this board in … I have put the nano m2 board back in at the moment because I have work for the machine to do but surely there must be a answer to this

Try setting your origin in LightBurn to where the machine homes.

This is a setting that can also be addressed in the board configuration if needed, but I do not believe you need to do it.

This is worth a read:

Let us continue discussing your issues in a single thread, this one:

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