Ethernet Add-On restock ETA?

Wondering if there is an ETA on the stock of Ethernet add on board?

4 months ago, I gave this response:

I’ve debated whether or not to carry the Ethernet board going forward. As per the product page the performance isn’t all that spectacular and it doesn’t work with LightBurn at this time. Dedicating an inexpensive netbook, especially if you are planning on taking advantage of LightBurn’s camera functionality, will be a much better experience.

Given that I have not restocked it since, and it comes up very infrequently, I think I should discontinue and hide the product listing on the site.

The concern is not that I can’t get more, but that it would make for an unpleasant user experience, and especially with the live controls in LightBurn, camera functionality, and constant addition of new features, having a computer running LightBurn at your laser is the better experience.

You can always put job files on the memory card in the board and run the jobs using the menus on the GLCD screen.

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