Eta on the "performance" firmware patch?

I read here somewhere that an update for smoothie is in the works that improves sustained pulsing rates for image engraving, got any eta for that ?

I already resorted to 1/8th stepping and dialed accels way down to aroznd 2ks but i still only manage about 500mm/m tops without shifting, mechanically 10k accels with 4k tops should be easily achievable for me ( if the laser doesnt hop of the table :wink: )

This is not a question of step pulsing rates, Smoothie has always been able to do 100khz step pulsing in theory (tested on single axis moves) and 90khz in real life when multiple axes are run concurrently.

In any case, the firmware update has just been released. Please read the explanation in the announcement post to better understand:

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Thanks for the heads up ! I wasnt really sure where the bottleneck was so reducing stepping seemed easy and fast to reduce overhead so i did that ( without any improvements :wink: )

Great read on the update, ill test it as soon as im back in the workshop !