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Machine: K40, came with M2nano, previously replaced with OMTech K40+ before switching to C3D (for Z-table needs).

Board: Cohesion3D LaserBoard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: The board seems to have trouble homing. With the OMT board, I hit Home, and it would go to the end stops, bounce off them twice, then retract 5mms as expected.
With the new C3D board, the laser head goes up to the X end stop and stays pressed against it. If I press Home again, it will back the head off and then press back against the end stop, never retracting after engaging the switch.

endstops_enable is set to true.

alpha_limit_enable, and beta_limit_enable are currently set to false. I tried setting them to true (same as the OMT K40+ board), but if I do that, the head hits the end stop and triggers a lock and freezes. In either case it doesn’t go to the alpha_homing_retract_mm / beta_homing_retract_mm position.


It’s normal behaviour for it to sit on the endstops after homing. The *_homing_retract_mm settings only tell it how far to come off the endstops the first time they’re triggered before slow-moving to the endstops again to get a precise fix.

But there is no retraction at all. My previous smoothie controller triggered the end stops, and then retracted away from the end stops whatever distance I had set to homing retract mm. C3D hits the end stops, and never retracts at all.

If that’s “normal” behavior, then normal is broken.

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