Engraver outcome

I’m new to laser I’m about a week in with the cohesion 3D and 3 weeks with the actual k40 laser. My question is are there different kinds of rastering because the out come of 2 different prints looks completely different . I did one with the stock board and k40 whisperer and it gave this kinda smooth pebble texture and then the one on the new board and Lightburn gave the finish or a bunch of lines. Any idea why and how to get a better finish?

Without more information it is hard to say whether your output is due the board configuration and needs some tuning there, or if it is the job settings in LightBurn.

You can upload a video of the job running so we can take a look to see if it feels right.

We’re going to be looking for whether the head’s movements are smooth or jerky, and that sort of thing.

As far as job settings, here are some things you can take a look at:

If you are using LightBurn there are many options for how an image will be engraved.
If you double click on the Layer in the Cuts panel it will open the Cut Settings Editor, and you can choose from a variety of Image Modes. (See images below.)

You can also change the resolution and line interval in the editor, which will have different results.

The LightBurn forum and documentation will go into greater details on these things that we can.



my cut settings look different slight I dont have all the same options like the dither option isnt on mine

ah, so it’s a closed vector you’re trying to raster fill, and not an image? You won’t get dithering options if it’s not an image type layer.

Check the settings you used for K40 Whisperer, especially the “scanline step” parameter. This directly equates to “line interval” above. 0.1mm is appx. 0.004", so if your scanline step is less than this (I think it defaults to 0.001") you’ll need to set that line interval parameter down a bit. Try 0.025mm and see if that gets you better results. Note that this will make the rasterization take four times as long, however … in any case, play around with that value and see if it helps. Another trick you can do is defocus the laser a bit and increase power - that will smooth it out a bit.

Thanks I’ll look into it