Endstop wiring

Machine: 4040 50w Chinese LCSpear Laser

Original Board: M2 Nano

Firmware: Smoothie.

Problem/ Question: I’ve setup everything and laser machine is recognized from Lightburn, I can move X and Y axis from the on screen Lightburn controls and also from the LCD panel but can’t get endstop or homing to work. My doub is related to laser machine endstop connector wiring, looks like there are only three cables going to connector and the cohesion board has at least five spots. I have some pictures to upload but since I’m new user I can’t upload them, I’ll try with a Google photos link: Endstop wiring . I look forward to your comments.

Hi Diego,

We have upgraded your user level so you should be able to post pictures now.

Thank you very much Anthony.
Looks like there are two cables tied to one of the pins.
Pictures are uploaded now.

Every other thing is working well, X & Y movements, laser firing…


BTW, last picture old board installation.


Hi Diego,

Thank you for providing images. The three wire combined (ground) wire is something we’ve seen many times before and is fine.

Please review this document and report back with the results of the three tests: Testing Endstops

Hi Starla, thank you very much for your response and for providing the document link, I’ll try it soon, I suppose the meaning of “depressed” in the document translates to “touching” in my setup:

I don’t have mechanic endstops, just the green ones.

Sorry for so many questions but coming from K40 Whisperer I’m getting a hard time figuring it out how to deal with bed size and homing points. I’ve set 380x380 with left front origin but can’t get consistent results, sometimes the head crash with rear wall, or with right side… pretty incosistent due to my lack of knowledge I’m sure but one step at a time.

Again, thanks for taking the time to help.

I’ve completed the document process… well, sort of:

After M119 command I’ve received the OK OK message, but just that.
It could be something related to the type of end stop sensors installed?

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