Dual Y axis steppers C3D Mini

What are the options of running dual step motors preferably on one driver? I don’t want to lose Z or A driver. Thank you.

That is for a Co2 laser or a diode? is is a diode you can setup a dual motor for one axis using two cloned external drivers, if is for a diy co2 laser dont do it,

Its is a K40 conversion to a Lazor frame. I guess I will stick with the shaft design. Thank you.

You can use external drivers to run both y steppers.
Read this for another members solution.

He is setting up a co2 laser machine, a two motor setup for the y axis is unsafe and dangerous for common reasons.

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I agree that this is dangerous for a CO2 and can cause a fire if the axes lose sync, allowing the beam to hit “anywhere else”.

I’m not even happy with the dual y motor setup on anything but the most rigid of CNC frames, or on my custom made larger 3D Printers. I am going to be moving those to a similar solution with a dual shaft stepper motor and a shaft.

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Thank you for the explanation.

I thank you for the explanation also.