Dual Steppers on Z Table, are 2 external drivers required?

Hi - If I build a z-table with dual steppers, can I use an external driver and just connect 2 motors to the same pins off the external driver you offer??? Thanks!

It depends on the stepper motors you are looking to use. Current, stepping and degrees per step have to be exactly the same to use multiple steppers.
In order to keep a bed level it’s generally advised to only use one stepper.

Got it! Makes sense. Thank you

That should work. This is how the dual Z axis of a Prusa i3 3D Printer works.

Caution, they can get out of sync. A single motor with a belt loop is the better engineering idea.

As Chris says, it is best if both motors are of the same type to use them on the same driver.

Understood. I’m at the motor part of my z-table design anyways so I’ll work with one motor and pulleys, etc. Going to use all linear bearings then lift from 2 points so it doesn’t wobble around like some of the designs with no x/y constraints.

This is by no means a final design here…Using 20MM extrusion I had - 10ft length laying around.

Looks kind of like:

Do you need to add the external driver and cable bits to your order or should I ship you just the camera as is?

Yes - except this design won’t allow the shifting left right back and forth in theory with the linear bearings holding it in place and allowing only z travel. I have looked at that design and I’m sure some elements became part of the current inadvertently.

You can add the external driver and cable bits too. I don’t have a bigger stepper yet either. Do you just offer the one as of now?


I was asking whether you wanted to purchase other items and save on shipping by combining shipping or if I should ship your camera order as is.

As I said, we typically see 4 lead screws in the corners with a single motor and closed loop of belt.
That is really the better way to do it.

You can try to do that with a single stepper you got from us and the built in driver. That’s roughly what the construction of the LightObject Z Table is.

Hi - I was saying to add the driver to the order, but am now considering the LightObject Z Table since it does seem the best for the money/ time. I assume that will of course have one motor already on it and can run off the board’s drivers. If otherwise, please let me know. The other stepper motor you sold me works perfect for my rotary setup too! I couldn’t find a formula for the setting on the controller so I just guesstimated and came really close. Please let me know where to find that in the instructions/site. I appreciate your help as usual. thx

Start by reading this:

Ok will do. Thank you

I purchased the z table from lightobject. All and all pretty decent. It Does however “wobble slighty” x-y directionally when screws turn.

I’m having trouble driving it with the laserboard. I tried increasing the current to max as discussed in the forums. It will run some smoothly, then just stop at other points. It rebuilt the whole thing once already because it’s very difficult to turn relatively speaking. The brass nuts seem out of parallel with the screws they use to drive up/down. I loosened almost all the way to get to turn easier.

Am I at the point of just needing an external driver now since max current isn’t solving issue? thanks!

I also tried going slow as you suggested here and still “clicks”. Z table wiring Laserboard

Unfortunately, if the axes of the table bind, it sounds like your issue is with the mechanics of the table itself. A more powerful driver might overcome the mechanical resistance, but that’s not a truly proper solution to the problem. Have you tried contacting LightObject to see what they think about the issue?

Hi - agreed. It was binding horribly. I tried everything including refacing the nuts to the screws to make sure perpendicular on a lathe. It was the table. It was so bent that one end to the other was off by 6 mm if a steel ruler held along edge. I straightened in huge vice best I could and it worked.

Now, I’m working on a “floating nut” concept where the table just sits on and the nut has freedom to move if necessary. Will see how it goes!

Worked like a charm!! No stopping and even able to increase speed and smooth as can be.

Can you please point me to how to setup the steps for the z table in the config/formula if one exists. Thanks!!


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