Dual Laser control? - Co2 & Diode

I have an 80 watt co2 laser but I would like to mount a diode laser for engraving.
Just wondering on peoples thoughts of the possibility of this?

I guess a way of switching between the co2 tube and the diode laser either in software if possible or through mechanical switching? Not sure if the board has multiple laser outputs…

I do have a little Chinese laser engraver but would like everything in one unit to make things easier.
Just throwing it out there!

Hi Jamie,

Welcome to the forum! I have upgraded your trust level so that you can now upload photos.

You may find this post helpful, including the links at the bottom for additional diode topics on the forum: K40 laser - Diode Laser?

If you have any specific questions in your journey, we would need clear pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring.