Dreaded board failure/warning on laserboard after Win10 upgrade

Machine: Blue/white 3050

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: GRBL-LPC

Problem/ Question:

Basically, I essentially completely rewired my machine when my power supply failed and I replaced it with a MYJG-40W. I had to re-wire everything, and the laser worked fine (albeit with weird intermittent issues wherein the head would jerk several inches to the left in the middle of the scan, and continue on, resulting in a ruined job)

So I ran with GRBL-LPC running on Windows 7 for a long time, and then I upgraded to Windows 10 and now Lightburn (latest version) fails to find any controllers, and I get the “dreaded” single red LED (the 3v3 green next it “appears” to be lit up the tiniest amount, but i can’t tell if its just light bleed from the red next to it? i don’t know.) I’ve attached some photos including my schematic (i can’t figure out how to wire a “test fire” momentary push button switch to this power supply)

Any help appreciated.

images including schematics here:

Hi Darryl,

Thank you for providing photos showing the Indicator Status LEDs.

With the machine off, we recommend labeling everything, taking photos, and unplugging all of the connectors from the LaserBoard, as well as disconnecting the USB and power brick. Allow it to sit for a few hours or overnight.

Please put the SD card into the computer and verify that there is a firmware file and a config file on the card. A screenshot of the contents of the memory card can help us confirm that everything is correct.

Reinsert the card into the board. With everything else unplugged, plug in the LaserBoard power supply. Is the LED sequence showing up as expected?

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