Dongle key needed?

Machine: Omtech SH-G3020, M2 Nano

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/Question: I bought this machine used with the Laserboard already installed. I also have the original M2 Nano but did not get the dongle key. Will a Nano dongle work with the Laserboard or do I have to buy somthing different?

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

It won’t let me upload pictures as a new user.

The Laserboard runs Smoothieware or GRBL and does not need a dongle AFAIK. So why are you thinking you need one? Its been over 7 years since I’ve used a Nano but my recollection is the dongle was for CorelLaser which of course wont work on the Laserboard nor would you want it to.

I’m just starting to learn about this laser. I wouldnt have even known the board was upgraded if the original nano wasnt included with the machine. I tried to print using LaserDRW which is the factory default program and it said key was missing.

Well you will need to have Lightburn or such in lieu of LaserDRW which is for the Nano controller. I do not know what alternatives are available as I’ve been using Lightburn since it came out and will work with nearly any laser including the Nano controller thru Meerk40. The Laserboard running Smoothieware will give much better results and fewer hassles than the Nano/LaserDRW, so you’ve got the good parts, get the good software.

I downloaded lightburn and it sees the laser and says it’s connected and ready. I am not getting any response though. I suspect the stepper motors are bad. They don’t move freely like the ones on my 3D printers and the X axis seemed stuck and warm to the touch. The laser works with the test button but thats all I can get to work.

Stepper motors are rather robust, I’d be surprised if they are bad. At this point I’d treat it like a new machine- go thru all the steps to configure it. That means setup in Lightburn and having the Laserboard config.txt match your hardware. And that of course would be after you confirm that it is connected properly to the K40 parts.

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