Doesn't cut both sides properly

Rotary has been working fine doing 2 sided cups and last week it started sticking on the name side of the cup. I can uncheck output for the logo and the name will cut fine, but when I do both I get the name you see below. Confused to say the least.

Hi Mel,

That’s interesting behavior with the rotary… Thanks for letting us know. Does the skipping / shifting happen with every file you use? Did anything change with the designs you were using that previously worked?

Can you double click to open the layer settings and provide screenshots (no cell phone pics, please) of the entire LightBurn window for the file you are working with?

Please provide a clear video of the exact steps you are taking and results you are getting and post it on YouTube or another site, then paste the link into a reply here. This will be the easiest way to help troubleshoot.

I’ve made about a dozen cups with this file, changing the name and resaving, then engraving the file. I use this name on my trials for dialing everything in. At first it was the same layer as the logo, then changed layers so I could outline instead. Cut this logo and outlined name till it was at a point I found acceptable. Also, I convert the name to a path and group items then cut twice. I can upload images later tonight when I get home.

Hi Mel,

Touching base. Let me know if you can provide the photos and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Sorry… been super busy building ponds, working, and covid scare. Been quarantined at not my home as my elderly mother moved in a few years ago. Probably T.M.I. but I’m all about transparency. Thank you for checking in, I appreciate you.