Does Cohesion3D board support this laser diode?

Does Cohesion3D provide outputs that can drive this laser for grayscale engraving/cutting 0-100% power?

Seller said it support pwm 0-5v modulation.
Both laser and C3D board are expensive so I dont want to go wrong with it.

Laser wiring input

The C3D board provides multiple outputs including a 5v, but we are short staffed here and I don’t have the bandwidth to help with any “custom installations” right now. We are only supporting the most common installations that our documentation already covers. So if you can figure it out yourself, great!

This should work fine. The laser states on the spec sheet that it needs a 4A 12V supply to operate (Which is odd, because it’s listed as an 80W laser but a 4A supply at 12V supplies 48W …). You will need to source and supply this separately from the power supply that comes with the Laserboard.

The control voltage is 5V PWM. There is a PWM header on the laserboard labeled, “Alternate PWM Out 5V” - you will want to connect this to your laser’s control terminals.

Have fun and happy hacking!

What? A vendor from China misrepresenting wattage? It can’t be!

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The wattage specifications of the Chinese diode lasers drives me nutz… And now they are claiming 40W and above so it’s hard to tell sometimes if people are talking C02 or diode.

Laser have 10w of optical power and maybe 40w power consumption and they sent the board for separate power supply, 80w is bad marketing trick I guess. This is the most powerfull laser diode of all I could find and with reasonable price.
I get informed about this board and know that it provides outputs that should theoretically work with this laser but seems like things are not the same in practice and that many have problems made it work. Unfortunatelly cant decide to buy it before I know it will ever work. If someone have more information about someone that has make this working please say.

The C3D has 2 PWM connections which should work with that or can be made to work with minimum components of maybe a resistor and some wires.

But if you do not know what is meant by a “pull up resistor” and have never heard of an “FET” or “MOSFET” then you are looking for someone to give you step-by-step directions and if done incorrectly might ruin your $330 diode.

There are Arduino learning kits which would teach you some of the basics of electrical components, signals like PWM and about resistors, switches, etc. IMO anyone who is doing anything with these hobby lasers should do a few of the Adafruit learning kits for Arduino just so they understand what’s going on at the most elementary level. And it’s far cheaper than burning up a C3D board or worst, any other part of these lasers.

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