M2-Nano, Cohesion 3D Laser

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question:
On the Lightburn software i draw several circles. I selectp the circles and press start.

  1. The program starts running and within one to five inches of travel the software displays the word “Disconnected” on the screen and stops.
  2. If I unplug the USB Cable the laser resets itself into home position and “Disconnected” goes off the screen.
    3.if i run the program with laser power set to “0” the laser completes to program without a problem.
  3. If there is even .1 power for the laser the program will stop.

Hi Michael, it sounds like it could be a grounding issue. I know others have had similar issues where the board resets or disconnects when the laser fires. Do you know if the board is resetting or just disconnecting?

Also, in this photo you’ve got the white connector plugged into the LaserBoard for the L and GND connection to the LPSU, but then there are two additional wires (red & black) going to the screw terminals. Any reason for that second set of wires? Are they also going to the LPSU or to somewhere else?

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