Disconnect unexpected

Machine: _Base short K40 (blue/white)
Board: _Old version C3d
Firmware: _Smoothie.

Problem/ Question: _The laser disconnects (or just loses control). Trying to move carrage using buttons has no actions, but hitting home button connects and homes laser.
No clue why, just started happening.

There are settings in the LightBurn Move panel which affect moving the laser. To the right of the buttons are settings for distance and speed. Can you check what those are set to, or can you provide a screenshot showing the Move panel?

Distance is set at .3937 inches 1cm and speed is at 100 inches/min.
I have not had it disconnect during a cut, it usually happens between, I will finish one, set up for another and it won’t move, If I hit home, it homes and is good to go.
Right now i have a panic situation, managed to break the mini SD card, terminal broke off, need to find what is on it, get replacement files onto a new mini Sd card.

Now I’m in more trouble, cannot log in or send a message to find software for the MicroSd card,

I’ve seen an issue with the older firmware (running on the Mini board) where I could run a job and the job would get “stuck” and not let me run another. If you look at the Laser panel in LightBurn there are buttons for Start, Pause, and Stop. There’s also a progress bar that shows when a job is running. Is there a chance your job is “stuck” and not finishing? Are you able to click the Stop button after a job finishes running?

The control buttons seem to function OK. I can pause and/or stop & restart. All appear to operate fine. To me the clue is that it wll unlock the X&Y can move easy by hand. Hit the Home icon and it homes as it should (except that if X is closer to limit switch than Y, when X hits home it stops there and says"Home!"
just found the location to specify the sequence. Will try that as soon as I can locate a Micro SD card and the files to put on it.

OK, making progress, got a new Micro SD, downloaded config.txt and bin files onto it.
Restarted ok, but now have to find my license # from Lightburn.

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