Diode laser

Hello, your dashboard and CO2 laser are working normally, but now I would like to add a diode laser, but I don’t know where to turn on the SD card (firmware), diode laser

The firmware supports controlling only one laser at a time. You can, however, run a diode laser simultaneously with some clever use of a DPDT switch. The switch would be wired such that it shuts off the diode in one position with the CO2 laser active, and deactivates the CO2 laser in the other position while turning the diode on. I’d interrupt the L line on the CO2 laser and interrupt power on the diode.

or you can give a picture of the wiring and the switch

12v +/-

he diode laser has 4 pins

I would use only one laser and not both at a time

Switch the 12V+ on the diode and the Laser FIRE pin on the CO2. such that they alternate using a DPDT switch. I don’t have a way to draw a picture of this right now…

Yesterday I discovered that operates this link but I wonder if it is correct

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