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I’ve got my machine running using a gutted k40 psu and tube however I want to be able to swap out the laser head for a diode module to make it more portable if needed. I have an oxlasers 5.5w module with a 3 pin connector and was unsure of the proper wiring to operate it. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

Do you have any data sheets for the laser module?
Pinout diagrams?

These would prove helpful for us giving you any useful advice.


Here’s some pictures of the module and the sheet it came with. My main uncertainty is whether I can power it through the board or if I need an external power supply.

This is currently the thread for doing a diode laser with C3D:

Note that there are different types of diodes, they can have 2, 3, or 4 wires.

Here are some important takeaways:

The LaserBoard’s power brick is 24v, and this should stay that way for optimal performance of the stepper drivers on the board.
However, most diodes run on 12v. Do you have some sort of 12v power supply already to power the diode?

You appear to have a 3 wire diode, and perhaps it has a cable that converts that to 4 wires?

12v and Gnd need to go to a 12v supply.

I’m assuming PWM is a 5v logic signal that tells the laser to fire when it is pulsed on. This, and also Gnd once more need to go to “Alternate PWM Out” on the LaserBoard. That is a 5v signal. This is why I mentioned the 3 to 4 pins wire. Please figure out what that does exactly. I would hope that it breaks out the Gnd to the 2 separate lines as discussed above.

Oh, and you can run Smoothieware instead of GRBL-LPC. We fixed the speed limit in Smoothie already. See #announcements.

Thanks for the reply. The laser didn’t come with a power supply so I’ll get one for it. It is a 3 pin laser but it also came with a 4 pin conversion cable. The two grounds simply both run the the ground on the 3 pin side.

Very good. That supports what I said above (I think, which is something that is a little more difficult to do at 1am).

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