Digital Storage Oscilliscope

(Anthony Bolgar) #1

Looking for recommendations on an inexpensive Digital Storage Oscilliscope that can hook up to your PC.

(Jim Fong) #2

The lower cost USB Oscilloscopes have limited bandwidth and sampling capability. So it depends on what signals you are intending to capture which will determine the oscilloscope. I have several standalone Tektronix/Rigol plus a few National Instrument data capture cards that I use for logging.

I don’t have a usb scope but was thinking of getting the $200 Hantek 1gig sample just for laptop use. Useful since the laptop is battery run and will be isolated from common ground. Needed for certain measurements.

(Anthony Bolgar) #3

I was looking at the Hantek scopes, but did not see the one you mentioned. Do you have a link for it?

(Jim Fong) #4

6254BC. 250mhz 1gig sample/second

About $208 from Hantek official store on AliExpress

Only 64k memory so big limitation. I paid $400 for my Rigol but it’s a much better than the Hantek.