Digital display garbled

Machine: k40 with standard chinese board

Board: C3D smoothie

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I also ordered and installed the graphic LCD Control Panel with adapter. I installed it and it was working fine. Now all I get is a garbled screen on it. I can send a pic.

Unfortunately it seems that Cohesion3D has been really busy with their new rotary attachment. They are a small company so it’s hard to get to all the questions and comments if at all on these interweb forums! I’m sure you have done the power on and off so i would suggest to reinstall the firmware on the board and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work I don’t know but you’ll probably have to wait quite a while to get a dialogue with Cohesion on here until they finish that darn rotary.

It is not the rotary, it is the fact that the post was made just before the long weekend. Most companies do not offer weekend support, and I think the Cohesion guys deserve weekends off as well :slight_smile:

Very true. In fact I hadn’t thought of that. I forgot about the 3 day weekend. I work 7 days a week so its easy to forgot some folks have normal lives. I’m only working half a day Monday now that I remember!

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My guess is the sd card. All the other hardware is much more reliable. Just dropping power while it’s being written can cause problems.

It is sporadic. sometimes it works properly, sometimes it doesn’t.
Is there a link or video to show how to use it most efficiently to get the most performance out of the laser?

A little bit of both actually, the long weekend did help me unwind a little bit, but the new rotary release has kept me busy the past week and response times have suffered as a result. Switching mindset between engineering, shipping packages, building product, and answering support inquiries isn’t that easy.

Darrel, we used to see this more with the previous board we made, but according to order records you have the new LaserBoard where this has been happening a lot less.

Can you think of anything that changed between when it worked fine and now? Is it consistently doing this garbling?

I would recommend reflashing the SD Card with the latest files just to rule out that they have become corrupt.
Other than that, the issue was almost always noise in the laser cabinet or unclean power. Please send some pictures of your machine, board, and wiring so that I can take a look and we’ll take it from there.

Picture 1

Picture 2
hope this helps.
It is sporadic and there is no rhyme or reason for when works and when it doesn’t.

Did you do this? What was the result?

I can’t see the larger scope of things from your close up pics, but you can try to route the GLCD cables to not go as close to the laser power supply, and try wrapping the ribbon cables in aluminum foil.

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