Detailed board layout/pinout?

Machine: Selfbuild project RECI 160W. Cohesion3D Laserboard

Firmware: Whatever it came with. Looks Smoothie
Problem/ Question:

While we are engineering the full machine, I already bought the Cohesion3D board to start prototyping and configuring. When I received the board I noticed there it not an awefull lot of detailed technical information on the board nor attached / found online.

What I am looking for is more detailed information on wiring, amps and pinout for several scenarios:

  • compressed air is run throughout the building. We have an electronic valve that opens with 24v, but I cannot find if the VM+ / - is a continues powersource, or switched on/off with laser power just like the 5V air assist. This is no problem, but then it requires an extra SSR inbetween. What is the max power that can run through these pins (VM and air assist)?

  • DC V-in is stenciled as max 36V, however the DC in jack is labeled as max 24v. Are these seperate lines, or can I use either of these?

  • The two buttons are labeled on the board as RST and Play. On the below diagram it is however Reset and Kill. What is the proper fuction of these? And the two pins behind it, are they for an external button?

On a side note, great to find the board so neatly packed and right out the box addressable with Lightburn. Keep up the good work!

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Dear Cohesion3D,

It would be highly appreciated if you can help us out with the outstanding questions.
Our buildlog will be coming to the forums too and sharing the knowledge is key with these kind of selfbuild communities I believe. We would love to know these issues before burning through our board and adjust our electronics accordingly - then share our solutions in the buildlog.

Hi Steven,

We have been slammed with orders and support inquiries the last few weeks and it has been difficult to keep up. I apologize for keeping you waiting for so long.

Most of the documentation is here on #documentation and #faq - they are mostly “task specific” things as for the most part people were upgrading the K40 laser, and then larger machines that still had the same M2Nano style controller, so we preferred to walk people through anything more unique that they wanted to do. We are currently working on more documentation.

Have you seen this article?

The screw terminal in the top left of the board is the same electrical connection as the DC Jack. The power brick that comes with the board is 24V 4A and high quality (tested at less than 150mV ripple at full 4A load).

Very cautiously, the board should be capable of running at exactly 36v max - most IC’s that touch the power rail fry at 40v and the caps are 50v caps.

We recommend using the power brick as everyone else does, and 24v is more than enough for stepper motors to perform well.

These are the Kill and Reset Buttons. Kill will halt the board on Smoothie Firmware, the reset button will reset the board. Kill --> Halt means the board retains state, while Reset wipes anything and the board boots from scratch.
Both buttons have a header behind them with the same connections - so that you can hook up an external “big red button” for the same functionality.

Reset is Reset, Play is Kill. It’s just nomenclature from Smoothieware

Hi Cohesion3D / Ray,

this is great information, thank you very much. We will take it all into account for our build indeed! :slight_smile:

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