Current Market Conditions and Status

This has come up often enough, so it’s worth a post:

Current Market Conditions, Product Availability.

  • We are trying to keep all of our products in stock.

  • Lead times are longer to get parts and to get products manufactured.

  • Economy shipping methods are no longer available. We are easily paying double, or triple (and probably even more than that) our expected normal costs to get all of our products landed right now - I think an engineer colleague told me the other day that only 5% of all cargo planes are flying right now, and they’re sure charging for it.

  • I am doing everything possible to not increase prices despite our costs going up quite a bit these days.

Producing PPE to donate for healthcare workers

I am running a 3D Printer farm to print PPE to donate to healthcare works in the local region. This week I was not sleeping much or on any semblance of a normal schedule.

Pete is also coordinating heroic-level efforts to manufacture PPE in his community.

The demand for this stuff is insanely high and we are trying to crank out as much as we can.

Packing and Shipping Timeframes

We have a lot of orders coming in and are doing everything we can to meet our stated 3 business day time to get orders sent out. 3 days is our time to pack your box and get it sent out, not the transit time to you.
Sometimes we will get a little behind - there was a large amount of orders last weekend and it took us an extra day or two to process them. We just did a huge shipping push and got everything sent out.

We have absolutely no idea how long transit time to you will be. Every major carrier has suspended delivery time guarantees, and the post office (USPS) never had them in the first place. It will get there when it gets there, and no I don’t know anything else.

If you’re an international customer please check the USPS list to make sure you are still able to get deliveries:

We have disabled the First Class International shipping option as there was no tracking and no insurance, packages would get lost even when there wasn’t a pandemic going on. Priority Mail International Only.

Support and Response Times, Sanity

We are both running around like crazy trying to keep up and get things done. Which brings me to the next point: our sanity.

The biggest way you can make our lives easier is by helping us be efficient and calm. Here are some examples:

  • Be understanding that things can sometimes take longer, especially right now.

  • Provide all the necessary information when making a support inquiry, this includes the details the forum will ask for, and pictures. Please be forthcoming with this information so that we can answer you efficiently and not have to spend 20 posts back and forth to drag basic information out of you.

  • There is no need to follow up or send an email about a post you have already made in the forum. We read everything. Quality support requires careful consideration and responses take time to formulate.

  • On a related note, when you then go and post your question on 10 different Facebook groups or double post in the LightBurn forum also, I see all this and it frustrates me. We are going to help you, let us do so without feeling pressured.

Common questions we are getting right now:

Can I place an order for out of stock parts to save my place in line?

For the most part, we do not accept backorders. I don’t like taking people’s money unless the product is here and ready to ship. However, we have had backorders several times when the product was in transit to us, and this would be clearly indicated on the product page.

Did I order something that was actually out of stock and now I’m going to have to wait a long time while you get more?

Most likely, and hopefully, not! Our inventory system tracks everything we have here, so if you were able to place an order, it means that inventory was present and your place is set. If we discover a discrepancy we will let you know as soon as possible.
If you are now seeing that the product in question is out of stock, then you probably got one of the last ones here. Congrats.

Stock Status Update as of 9/18/20

We have received a batch of the correct cameras, all backorders have been shipped, and cameras are now back in stock. :slight_smile:

Camera Snafu:

Sometime in early September we discovered that the camera supplier had sent us cameras with the wrong lens angle (90 degree instead of the 140 degree that we sell specifically). We were out of stock for several weeks and backorders were permitted for cameras due to the extenuating circumstances.

Stock Status Update as of 6/22/20

Cameras are back in stock.

Stock Status Update as of 6/15/20

Cameras are momentarily out of stock while we wait for more to arrive.

Stock Status Update as of 5/28/20

LaserBoards back in stock after almost 2 weeks of being out. More boards and cameras are already in production.

Stock Status Update as of 5/21/20

Cameras just arrived and are back in stock. We’re going to immediately place the order for the next batch with a larger batch size.
LaserBoards are still in production.

Stock Status Update as of 5/16/20

We just sold out of LaserBoards, again :expressionless: Next batch is in production. Maybe 2 weeks ETA? Meanwhile, working on getting the cameras here, status update on that pending.
As mentioned above, we’ve got pretty high demand these days, and will be sourcing in larger quantities/ more frequently in an effort to not run out.

Stock Status Update as of 5/8/20

We just ran out of cameras, next batch is already in production and should be here in 1-2 weeks.

Stock Status as of 4/28/20:

Screens and Current meters restocked :slight_smile:

Stock status as of 4/27/20:

LaserBoards restocked :slight_smile:
Screens and Current meters are still in transit and will hopefully arrive soon.

Stock status as of 4/24/20:

LaserBoard: We just ran out on Thursday, and hopefully the next batch arrives Monday.
GLCD Screens: There was a delay with these on top of the already long lead time, but these should have shipped and we are waiting to get them in.
Cameras: First come first serve. Already half are gone. Will be placing next order shortly.

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Thanks, Ray… well said! We’ll continue to do our best to support everyone here and get answers people need in a timely manner.

I’m working with Milwaukee Makerspace to manage production of PPE in the form of face shields for medical workers. We started three weeks ago with CNC milling plastic for frames, doing about 250 per day, and moved to injection molding less than a week ago. We’ve produced over 17,000 injection molded frames in a few days, and we’re working on getting these paired up with clear plastic fronts to deliver to those in need. (2,199 went out this week.) We’ve also got requests from groups in California, Arizona, and Florida to provide them with face shield frames so I’ve been coordinating that effort, and spending time tracking down clear plastic since local suppliers have none available. Supply chains are a mess.

Besides taking care of support here, managing an $18,000 PPE production effort, and a few other projects, sometimes we just need a break to try to disconnect from the current state of the world. But know that we read everything, and we’re always working on answers to your inquires so you can get the most of out your laser.