CTR TMX65/leetro mpc6515 swap out for Laserboard

Has anyone out there exchanged a leetro for a C3D mini or laserboard? Specifically a leetro mpc6515?

Want to be able to use Lightburn on a CTR TMX65.

All help appreciated.

My response is the same for most DSP controllers out there. They all have signal outputs to use external stepper drivers, some way of reading the endstops, and some way of firing the laser by means of a LaserFire pin.

This is also all that the C3D board needs to drive your laser.

You can see this FB post for my response to a similar inquiry: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1045892858887191/permalink/1344521259024348/

My response from there:

The simple answer is that there will be a non-trivial amount of wiring involved. I don’t have a simple adapter plate that would replace your Leetro terminal block for terminal block. I’d like to, but I don’t.

The fundamentals are very simple. Your external stepper drivers will connect directly to the LaserBoard using our cables like in this pic.

You would need to connect the limit switches to the endstop headers on the board (this will involve some form of crimping/ adapting).

We have several different mechanisms for laser control and depending on how your Laser Power Supply is wired and whether you have a pot on the machine to control max power or not will dictate how we go about that.

So it’s possible but will take some work.

If you’re going for it you should get from us:
LaserBoard, External Stepper Driver Cable Pack, a pack of crimp connectors, and a potentiometer to be safe.

Regarding the pot, it is explained in this post: Help wiring a generic 80w lpsu to LaserBoard

Most lasers that come with DSP’s installed bridge IN to 5V on the LPSU, so that no pot is necessary. It is possible to leave it this way

Depending on the wattage of your laser, this may result in grayscale resolution not being good - as you go up in laser power it is harder to get fine details at the very low power levels.

Your grayscale engraving/ laser power control capability will not be as much resolution without the pot allowing a narrow range to be set for pwm to control. Although grayscale resolution on an 80w isn’t going to be as good as on a 40w anyways.

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