Creating Replacement SD Card

Machine: K40 modified

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Making some mechanical mods to my K40 removed the SD card and placed on desk for “safekeeping”. Of course, on completion of mods, SD card nowhere to be found. Fortunately have kept copies of original files on SD as well as every version after any time I’ve revised it.

So…grabbed an SD card and just copied the files. Seems to work fine. So I take it it’s not like burning a bootable flash drive for a PC where it must be done from an image file (at least the first time) with WinImage or similar?

Just the files onto the memory card is fine, no image.

Awesome, thanks!

Another question occurred to me. I have several edits to the config.txt file (calibrating motion resolution, bed size and so on), which leads me to two questions:

  1. When you do firmware releases, does the config file change, or only the firmware one?

  2. And if you do change the config file, how does the board process the assignments in the file at boot time? I doubt if any of the later assignments use any of the earlier ones, and I also doubt that multiple assignments would cause any conflict. I assume the last one would govern and it woulldn’t cause any issues.

If that’s the case, then I can put all my custom assignment statements in a single block at the end of the config, which is nice in two ways - I can quickly make all my mods to a new config.txt just by pasting in the block, plus it lets me check everything I’ve modified in a single spot.

OK, update. Tried this and it works fine.

Set the inline assigns to their out-of-box defaults and added my own settings at the very end of the file. Works just fine, so duplicate assignments, extra lines in the file, etc., are not a problem.

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