Controller Replacement

I have a CNC Plasma with a 3.5 X 2m bed
It has a 105A hypertherm plasma cutter and an air scribe

The Y axis (long axis) is driven by dual clearpath servo’s
The X and Y is driven by single clearpath servos

All the clearpath servos have integrated step/dir drivers

I have also added a second controller
All the I/O signals and the stepper output can be switched between the Plasma Controller (start ccm4) and the router controller (RichAuto DSP B58)

When in router mode I remove the bracket holding the plasma torch and scribe and replace it with a 2.2kw spindle.

What im looking to do is add a 3rd controller to do laser engraving
Im looking at the LaserTree K30 and the Cohesion3D LaserBoard

The C3d board would be directly connected to the servo’s (via step/dir output), laser and limit switches
I was intending to then use lightburn to do the tooling

I guess my question is will the C3D care that bed is 3.5mx2m?

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