Controller conversion

Chinese 600x400/6040 XM-4060 Lihuiyu Studio Labs xb super B1

Board: replace this text with what board you have (LaserBoard, Mini, or Remix)

Firmware: _Dont know the firmware/whatever came with it.

Problem/ Question: will the Cohesion controller board work with this laser and what all needs to be purchased to make it work?

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

Hi Victor,

Welcome to the forum! Thank you for providing the photos.

“Do not live insertion!” :slight_smile: These labels make me grin every time I come across one in pics.

You will follow the standard installation guide for most of the connections, but the power plug will need to be connected as per our 6 Pin Installation Guide.

For reference, you may also find the LSPU Connection Guide helpful. I can’t see all of the connections on yours, but it looks to be a high power version covered in this doc.

Do you have optical endstops on your machine (possibly located at the end of the ribbon cable, near the head)?

Can you provide a picture of the motor that operates the bed under the work area?

For the configuration changes to dial in the physics for your machine size, review our Larger Laser Machine Installation Guide. There’s a great video to watch in this article that covers other considerations.

We also recommend reading our Buyer’s Guide:

There are a lot of other resources on our Knowledgebase as well.

Hi Victor,

Thank you for the additional photos.

Confirmed in the photos. These will work with the ribbon cable connected to the board.

The bed will operate as it does today, using the buttons on the control panel, so it will not connect to the LaserBoard.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

As long as Ive got you to help me through this I will order the board
in the morning
P.S. I am using a 60W ps with a 80W tube

One other question I forgot to ask is will I still have to use the Dongle or will I be able to control from the computer?

You can download the LightBurn software to run from your computer once you have the board installed. There’s a free trial for 30 days. Give it a whirl and when the time is up, you can get a license to continue using it:

With the power supply that is coming with the board, Does that replace the smaller supply?

You can read more about the included power supply here: C3D Power Supply

Are you a forum member or do you work for Cohesion 3D?

Hi Victor,

Yes, I am a forum member and I work for Cohesion3D. :slight_smile: Although, “work” has been restricted this last week due to power outages in the area, so I’ve had to keep most of my responses brief. Thankfully, everything has been restored to normal.

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