Control board

(Daniel Hahn) #1

Machine: Full Spectrum laser Pro 24x18 90w

Board: v1.1 c2011

Firmware: _Smoothie or GRBL-LPC?

Problem/ Question: I would use lightburn or RD works. I will need whatever will make it work

(Isaac Barbary) #2

The Laser Board will work in your machine. The total cost will depend on what accessories you want. Are you planning to use this with Lightburn?

(Daniel Hahn) #3

I will need whatever will make it work and I will use lightburn or RD works

(Isaac Barbary) #4

RDWorks only works with Ruida controllers, can’t use it with Cohesion boards.

The bare minimum is the Laser Board. I suggest you add it to the cart and put in your address to see final pricing

(Isaac Barbary) #5

Do you have any experience with wiring? Or electronics? This isn’t a simple project. You are going to have to rewire the machine a bit. You will also need to configure the firmware to make it work in your FSL machine. We can answer questions for you but ultimately getting it to work is on you.

(Daniel Hahn) #6

I can do some wiring but not sure if I can on this machine. I’m used to working on old cars. Lol

(Isaac Barbary) #7

The issue is that FSL does not make wiring diagrams available to the public. You will be mostly on your own. I have helped others with questions on these machines but you are really going to have know what you are doing.

I would suggest tracing all of the wires to make your own wiring diagram before ordering any parts. That way you know what goes where and whether you are up for the challenge before spending any money.

(Isaac Barbary) #8

And this is my advice no matter what controller you ultimately buy.

Can you post a picture of the control board? There a few different boards that FSL has used.

(Daniel Hahn) #9

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help and advice

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