Continuous Firing of Laser

Machine: K40
Board: Cohesion3d

Firmware: Smothie

Problem/ Question: For some reason my laser is continuously firing with the Cohesion3d board, it will not cut off. If I switch to the old controller or remove the cohesion from the equation the problem is solved. Could this be a software issue or a hardware issue with the board. It is less than a month old and I absolutely love the board but can not for the life of me figure out what is going on. The health indicator lights do not show any problem.

This is a standard install with the Digital Panel K40.

If I recall correctly, the laser power supply can fire in one of two conditions: signal high or signal low. If it sees the opposite condition of what it should, then it will fire all the time. In the configuration file, check to see what the laser fire is set to and switch it. Make sure that you save a copy of the original file first so that if you screw it up, you can replace it with the original.

Double-check all your wiring and post some pictures of your set-up. It’s likely that something may be wired wrong, and getting pictures of what you’re doing will help out a lot in diagnosing the problem.

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