Considering buying red/black Chinese laser

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I am looking to get a bigger laser as far as wattage and bed size. I seen a cohesion board on YouTube in a red/black Chinese laser. Can a cohesion3d board basically operate any of these Chinese lasers I have attached a picture of what I am considering buying. I would like to use a cohesion board and Lightburn software. Would these be compare with a machine like this?.


Yes, that’s possible to do, however you can also get this machine with a Ruida DSP controller and the LightBurn Software will work with it directly. Confirm that with the seller before buying. Sometimes they have said it is a Ruida but shipped a different controller anyways - a DSP, but one that wasn’t compatible with LightBurn.

In order for LightBurn to work with Ruida you will need the DSP version (currently $80) instead of the GCode version for the C3D (currently $40).

When you’re ready you can get LightBurn through us:

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Hypothetically speaking if I purchased this laser and change controller to the cohesion 3d can I run a rotary?


Sure, our homepage even claims it :slight_smile:

You’ll need some other parts and it’ll be more work to rewire it so ping back for some guidance before you order from us.

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So I have tried to track down the KH-750 you talked about with me on youtube. NO LUCK other than Alibiba and freight was crazy. They list the machine for $1700 but total was $3100 including freight and tax. So I have reverted back to ebay looking for red and black an have come up with vevor and really no other brand names. As I have mention previously I want to switch immediately to a cohesion3d controller to run one of these machines. I just was wondering if you’ve had any experience with a vevor machine or for that matter these red and black machines that have to brand name or model number? Should I stay away from any of these???


Just be prepared to work on it - you need a tinkering and problem solving mindset to be able to work on it in general, and even more so to perform a non-standard installation with our board.

I can help to an extent - I can “guide” you through it, not hand hold you through every tiny little step (not for free anyways:

I feel it’s better to set these expectations up front to avoid a support headache later on.

And you’re right - there’s much fewer options for a 100w machine than say a 50 or 60w.

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Thanks, after I thought I exhausted every effort to find the KH-750. I have now found a supplier for an 80w version. I understand and was not expecting that either, I have no issue with having to pay for certain aspects of support. Hope to be setting this all up with you within the next month. Thanks for your help.

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