Connector question

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Machine: diode laser / cohesion3d board

Board: cohesion3d board

Problem/ Question: Can someone tell me which connector types are in use on the board? XH? XHP? I need to make a breakout cable and cant figure out which ones to order.


Hi Gary,

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What do you need to connect to regarding your breakout cable?

The X and Y motors are JST XH 2.54mm because this is a keyed connector on the K40 laser stock board and its derivatives.
The Z and A ports are regular 2.54mm male headers to allow for more options.

You can also use the screw terminals for the all the motor outputs.

The row of endstops at a the bottom is Molex KK style.

I find the Molex KK easier to crimp and use those on the plain headers all the time - this is what our connector pack contains. The only thing you won’t be able to use those on is the X and Y motor JST plugs, but again there are screw terminals for those.

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Perfect thanks!

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