Connection problem? Laser head do not back at home location

Machine: “K40” 400x400mm 50W

Board: Cohesion3D board

Software: LightBurn

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: What is going on… I powered up my laser Machine. Instead of normal parking at home location (upper left corner), laser head do nothing.
After pressing HOME button in lightburn head just moves DOWN and RIGHT (diagonally) about 1 cm. From now - for my “K40” it’s home location, if i manually move laser head to the center of my bed, and hit HOME button, laser head do the same (move diagonally 1 cm) and from now on it WILL BE HOME LOCATION (this central point). Of course if i hit “Go to origin”, laser head will try to go down 400 mm from center of working area.

What is going on?
I can stop motors, move head manually, but it is not a best solution…

I tried reinstall lightburn, reset config file, reinstall machine in lightburn, nothing works. :frowning:

Anyone can help me? I cannot work that way. Any Cohesion3d support here?

I had that exact same problem a few months ago. Wiring to my x axis limit was not making solid connention. i soldered them and it works perfectly

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