Connecting cohesion rotary

Then make sure that it is seated, try unplugging it and plugging it back in again, and that you can see the drive in My Computer/ This PC…

Yes, it is drive “F”. You can see it in my pics above.

I’m sure it’s something easy that I’m overlooking.
In several of the guides on here that I’ve tried to follow and direct instructions you have given. But some of my screens don’t looks the same as yours. (mainly the firmware screen) so I don’t whole heatedly know that I removed the old firmware and installed the new one properly.
Or if I did the delta settings wrong and that’s why it won’t let me save (showed that error above)

At this point I’d be happy to pay you guys to do remote access to my computer to make sure it’s done correctly. (Knowing my luck I’ll clear the whole card and render my laser useless lol)

How can I get some one on one help. I feel like I’m messing things up here. I engraved something yesterday and it’s all messed up where as it’s always been perfect before. I can only assume I messed up some settings while trying to get this rotary to work. I’d rather not have to return the rotary, but if I can’t get it to work then it’s useless to me.

Thank you.

It might be easier if you just get a new MicroSD Card and put these files from the Batch 3 folder on it:

Get your laser running again, then put the delta section as discussed previously.

i have to be the biggest idiot you guys have encountered. got a new memory card, downloaded and installed batch 3 and the updated firmware link you sent me. laser does nothing. it says its ready. but wont home, move or anything. I would really appreciate some one on one help. I am at my wits end here. and now I have a corrupted memory card. I go to engrave with the original card from you guys in the machine and now my laser is doing extra steps while engraving. (engraving things that shouldn’t be) and the file was created in lightburn so I know the file is good. I know ive never claimed to be experienced in any of this (rather the exact opposite) but I know this is supposed to be easier than it is on my end. sorry to be such a huge pain. but I would certainly appreciate some help. (not that you aren’t helping now, but so far nothing you have instructed me to do has worked) but as it sites I have customer orders waiting and a laser that’s in error state.
Thank you

So I’ve downloaded from the Dropbox links you gave me above. Bought a new sd card and transferred the files directly to the SD card (after formatting the card)
Then put the card into my laser.
When I plug in my USB into slot #g it pops up and I can see the files are on it.
However the laser still doesn’t work.
What am I missing or doing wrong?


Meaning you copied them from the dropbox link I provided to the new card, yes?

So when you plug the board’s USB cable into the computer the drive shows up?

One more thing to check, can you confirm what each of the lights on the board are doing? Pictures help.

Yes, I downloaded the files from the Dropbox link you provided.
And yes, when I plug in my laser cable and it pops up as slot #g and I can see the files are on the card.
(With laser machine off. I get lights 2,3 stay steady on, 4 and 5 blink rapidly, 6 stays steady on. (All of these are green)

With the laser on. Light 1 stays on (red)

And what is the file called on the memory card now? Is it firmware.bin/ firmware in lowercase or is it FIRMWARE.CUR FIRMWARE in uppercase?

Firmware.bin in lowercase

So as I was suspecting, the new firmware is not flashing.

Please show me detailed pictures of how you have your board wired up, so that I can see everything, and I will see if I can locate any issues.

I haven’t changed anything on the board aside from plugging the rotary wires into slot #a (and playing with the memory card)

What is the red/ black cable plugged into the corner of the board here?

Sorry, just saw your message. That is my 5v out for my red Dot laser

Do you see anything that sticks out as wrong?
I really need to get my laser working again. I would greatly appreciate your help and input. Would it be easier to buy a new preloaded memory card off you? Or can you please walk me through this asap.
Please and thank you.

Update. Got my laser corrected. So my errors are eliminated. (Wasn’t in the coding like i thought)
Somewhere in the reading It told me to select the clustering tab in lightburn menu. That was what was causing my errors, so I unchecked that and am operational again.
Now I need to attempt the rotary setup. Hopefully I can nail down whatever I have been doing wrong there.

Thank you Ray for your help.
turns out the issue was the # in front of the A in the delta info I copied. removed it and was able to jog the rotary.

I knew it was supposed to be easier than I was going about it.

That’s great to hear.

The issue we last left off on was that it seemed like the new firmware file was not flashing. You also said that the board was not working anymore.

I understood that as “it got completely screwed up and wasn’t working at all!” andI was trying to figure out how to work through that issue without you having to buy a new board before we even got to the next stuff.

Looks like LightBurn Oz was better able to understand and walk you through the intricacies of the process. Glad you got it figured out.

My apologies, yeah, I wasn’t in that bad of shape. Just messed up a few things. I do appreciate your help and guidance.

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