Configuring Cohesion Board on K40 with new steppers


I have a K40 laser with the M2 Nano board, I understand that the Cohesion board is a straight forward drop in replacement for the stock machine.

However at some time in the future I want to make a new x and Y axis gantry with normal stepper motors and limit switches. This will replace the current K40 steppers and ribbon cable set up I have currently got which came standard with the machine.

My question is ‘can the cohesion 3d board be reconfigured to run with the new standard steppers and limit switches instead of those supplied with the K40 from the factory.’

many thanks


Yes. The Laserboard can be configured multiple ways to control a wide variety of stepper motor and limit switch configurations.

Yup, as Anthony said, the LaserBoard can work with a wide variety of machines, steppers, switches, etc. Often you’ll just need to make some edits to the config file to account for differences in motors and switches, etc.

That’s great, all ordered this morning

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