Config steps, accel and speed

Machine: custom from k40

Board: c3d mini

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: hi all ive suceffully comfigured external drives (tb6600) for x and y
With 2 motors 2.5 1.8 degree. Drives are set to 16microsteps
I have 20 t pulleys with gt2 belts.
Set the steps to 80 per mm in tje config file
Using lightburn.
When i run the machine over 400mm speed
The motors dont move acordingly as i want…
What settings accel and speeds do i need to change?

Can you describe what the motors are doing, and what you want them to do?

400mm/sec is pretty fast for a K40. Does it run properly at 100mm/sec. 200mm/sec, 300mm/sec? It is just at the higher speed(s) where they do not move as you’d like?

Hi, until 300mms everything ok but whem i increase speed the motors move in sort of a start and stop motion…
Dificult to explain. Ill try to upload a video.
Also im not sure what setting to mess with in the config file, because i have the external drives tb6600 and new 2.5amps 1.8d motors.
The goal is to get them to move the same way as k40.

It seems that everything is ok now, turns out that waz accel to high.
Lowered it and change the drives to 1/8 step.

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