Complete newbie here trying to set up

cohesion 3d with power supply

Smoothie I believe

Got board and installed as you tube video instructed. Now reading some one talks about cutting 24 v from power supply, Do I need to do this. Light burn finds the laser but homeing and bed size is off I believe, How would I do this. I have a chinese 80 watt, 900x600 bed. When I try to position it head it is all over. Got it to home to upper right but that’s about it. What other info can I provide to help solve the problem. Thank you in advance

David Gementgement81


Ronald, welcome to the forum. Many topic have been discussed in detail on all aspects of the hardware. Here is a link to another post in this forum on bed size. I just used the search function and searched for”bed size”.

Have a look and if you have other questions feel free to post. The settings for bed size are located in lightburn and also in the config.txt file on the sd card in the C3D board. You have to change both.


Setting Up the Correct Bed Size FAQ

Also, you do not need to cut the 24v wire from the power supply. The c3D board does not use this. It is a dead connection on the board. If you wanted to use the 24v for something else, you can either cut the wire or the tap is available on the C3D screw terminal. I would recommend cutting it if you are using it for another purpose but nothing needs to be done

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