I own a 4040 laser for about 8 years. I recently upgraded to 80w from 40, and I want to upgrade my controller too. My board says V8.1 and I want to know if Cohesion3D LaserBoard is compatible with my system.
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This controller is older than anything I have seen, could be a predecessor to the M2Nano and Moshiboards, as the ribbon cable plug in the middle of the top row looks familiar.

Fundamentally, all we care about is driving an X and Y motor, reading some switches/ sensors to home the head, and telling the laser to fire. Please look into this and provide those details about your machine. More pictures help. We can go from there.

Good day Ray,
Thank you for your concern.
Here are some more clear pictures.
I think they can help

No, these pictures do not tell me anything more about your machine.

Please try again.

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