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Hey everyone, I was looking to replace the electronics from a Chinese laser cutter I got a while back, but I wanted to ask for some help in determining if Cohesion3D would be compatible/what parts I would need.

First off, the board (pictures attached) looks like some M2Nano variant. However, it doesn’t have any endstops installed - would I be able to add any/are they necessary? Additionally, it looks like the X motor is attached with a ribbon cable instead of a more standard stepper motor cable - do I need to replace the cable if I use a Cohesion3D board?

Next, there is a physical switch in the chassis of the laser cutter for focus (“up and down”). Is it possible to control this from the Cohesion3D board directly?

Also, I’m not quite sure what to do about the laser power supply - it seems like I would want to replace it, especially as the power is not software-controllable, and must instead be controlled through the front panel which is directly wired to the laser power supply.

Finally, a 24V power supply is screwed into the frame to power the board, but will this be necessary with the Cohesion3D, as it comes with its own power supply?

I tried to get all the relevant pictures and attach them, but since I’m a new user, I could only put one in the post. More images can be found here ( with more relevant components in the cutter. If anyone thinks it would be good to see anything else about the machine I would be happy to post more pictures.


The endstops are also carried via the ribbon cable, and the Laserboard has a connection for this cable.

I’m fairly sure we’ve helped others with this same board switch over to a cohesion3d board.

Endstop wise are there none in the laser at all? Because they usually run in the ribbon cable as @Grumpy_Old_Man has said.
They’re a highly recommended thing for repeatable cuts and as a safety feature. You can also buy them from the cohesion3d site.

As for the z table adjustment it sounds like a dc motor controlling it rather than a stepper. So that’s pretty much a no go with control unless you swap out the motor.

The laser power supply (lpsu) can be controlled by the cohesion laserboard so no need to swap that.

The current 24v supply will power the z bed and lights if you have any. Best leaving that powering those.

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This is a Ketai Gold 3 board, one other customer just ordered a C3D to convert from that as well. As I told her, the ribbon cable and Y motor should plug in directly, and you will have to fiddle with the large power plug a bit to make it work with the C3D - either move the pins or just cut the wires - we want L to fire the laser and Gnd and these bare wires can also go to screw terminals on the C3D. More on that later.

You probably do have them, they usually run in the ribbon along with the X motor. They are absolutely necessary. Does your laser head move to a corner when you turn it on?

It’s a physical switch running a DC motor. You’d need to switch that out for a somewhat large stepper motor, and use an external stepper driver (and a 24v psu like the one in there) to run it. Then the board will be able to control it. If you intend to do this, I would not recommend it until you have gotten everything else sorted, but let me know so I can tell you what parts you’d need. Most people just keep using the buttons though.

Your LPSU is a good one. Leave it alone. It should respond to PWM.

Leave this 24v PSU in place. If you follow our wiring directions then it won’t end up connected to the C3D board so no conflict. C3D gets its own power supply brick which goes to its own outlet to ensure a clean source of power.

Finally, check out our Buyer’s Guide to see what you need.

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