Compatability with my machine

Some time ago I purchased a 40w CO2 laser. It’s an old machine manufactured (or badged) HPC laser LS-3020.
I have never been able to get the antiquated software (NewlyDraw which uses a dongle) to communicate correctly and therefore have been unable to use the machine ever since.
I’ve recently heard about your upgrade control system and would like to know if it is likely to be compatable. Is there an email address I can send photos of the existing control circuitry? If not how long does it take to get upload privileges here?

You likely can use the C3d board (or for that matter any of several control boards), Provided the power supply has similar connections and the steppers are standard, It should work. Post a pic of the current connections to get opinions.

I am unable to upload images. I just get an error message “Sorry, new users can not upload images”
How long before I am no longer a new user?

I have uploaded the images to Flickr here:-

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