Communication problem?

k40 m.2

So I’ve been having this problem for a while when trying to burn some images and today decided to ask around about it. Someone on facebook said it looks like a “communication problem” which I just don’t know what that means because for everything else the laser works just fine.
I set the k40 to run this image at 250mms and as you can see in the video it’s nothing close to that… and whats worse it’s all jerky and weird movements. Please take a look at the video and the image of what it ended up looking like. Thanks

Hi Paul, have you installed the Cluster firmware on your Mini? If not, please do… you should see a good speed increase.

Keep you existing config file, or if you want a fresh one for the Mini, check here:

Also, check the last image on this page. You will want to turn on Enable Smoothie Clustering in LightBurn, and make sure you turn enable Overscanning in LightBurn so you can avoid the overburning at the left and right edges.

Once you do these things, let us know if you see improvements. You may also need to make some changes to the config file for motor acceleration and current, but let’s start with all the above first.

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Thank you so much I followed the instructions and it seems to have fixed the problem. No more jerky movements and no more distortion, also much faster!! Thanks again!

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