Cohesion3d VMOT LED light only, DOA?

Cohesion3d laser board only VMOT led will turn on

it this board DOA?


Firmware: is what is on the sd card the board was shipped with

Problem/ Question: VMOT red light only led on, it was new just removed from packaging and tested on bench, only wires connected, supplied power supply and usb to pc. prior to fitting it to a custom laser machine
the computer did not recognize the board when connected with usb

here is a youtube link to a short video of the problem, no other leds alight/ flashing

video was not working , i have re uploaded it, and edited prior post with working link

i have found this thread with a similar issue, i do have a multimeter handy Is my C3D LaserBoard a DOA?

here are my test results below, as performed in a test asked to do in above thread/link i found

Test with power supply connected only
VMOT steady 24v? YES
Probe 5v ? , Regulating between 0.1v and 0.2v around every second or so
Probe 3v ? Regulating between 0.0v and 0.1v around every second or so

Continuity Test
VMOT ? Short
5v ? 1.1 to 1.2
3v ? 0.4

Jumper Moved
5v ? 1.1

Jumper Removed
5v ? 1.4

Jumper to green ? 0.1 to 0.2

Lights with only usb plugged in? None

Hi Daryl, I will respond to the ticket that you opened.

im still waiting for a reply from test performed over a week ago, surely there should be a result by now Staria

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