Cohesion3D Rotary with Laguna

Trying to gather enough technical info about my laser so I can purchase a Cohesion3D Rotary. I have a 40 watt Laguna PL:12|20 Laser. The controller is a Ruida 644XS. There is a 4 pin aviation connector to connect a rotary, and a switch to connect the rotary to the Y-axis. I’m running LightBurn software.

Despite being prewired for a rotary, Laguna refuses to tell me what the motor driver is or what the pin-in/pin-out assignments are for the aviation connector.

The owner’s manual has a wiring diagram. Here’s a link to the PDF for the manual:

How can I determine whether the motor is 2 or 3 phase? How can I determine the motor driver? I’m assuming I need his information before ordering a Cohesion3D Rotary.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Ken,

I looked into that machine a bit (I’ve seen it before and thought it was pretty, but that’s about all).

It looks like the floor is removable so there should not be concerns about what the max height of an object that you can fit into the machine is.

You will need to elevate the machine and place the rotary on the table underneath. I may have some ideas about cool ways to do mounting. :slight_smile:

I’ll need you to show me pictures of your machine and the electronics - controller, drivers, aviation connector, wiring, etc… The more you show me, the easier it is to understand and help.

The short answer is that yes, you should install a separate motor driver anyways. See my response here to understand why:

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