Cohesion3D Rotary Unboxing & Setup

Thank you for your purchase of the Cohesion3D Rotary!

We’re really excited to finally have this product out after how long we’ve been working on it and hope you like it!


Once you have removed the rotary base and additional components from the box, you should have the following. Here you see the rotary base, the idler assembly (still inside bubble wrap), and a bag containing the motor cable, hex key and wrench, and the 2 thumbscrews with washers.

You may also have other additions that you ordered such as small drive wheels, tension arm, spare rings, and connectors/ electronic. We will cover how to use each of those separately.


The C3D Rotary was specifically designed to be as simple to set up on arrival as possible, but we are sending it in 2 parts to help with shipping.

Gather the Idler Assembly and 2 thumb screws with washers on them:

There is a tee nut in each side of the rotary base. Slide the tee-nuts in the rails to around this position:

Slip the Idler Assembly over the base with the wheels facing the drive wheels. Make sure that the hole in the silver mounting plate is directly over the tee-nut.

Gently start the thumb screw into the tee-nut. Do not use too much force as you may cross thread the tee-nut. Just turn it with a light amount of inwards pressure until it catches. Screw it down a few turns, but do not fully tighten as you will need to slide the assembly to line up the other side.

Slide the second tee-nut into place behind the other silver mounting bracket and install your second thumb screw.

Your rotary is now assembled! If you gently tighten both thumb screws, the idler assembly should now stay in place. If you now loosen them 1-2 turns, you should be able to slide the idler assembly forward and back smoothly. For best results, move it with both hands from a lower point like the bottom of the vertical beam to prevent catching.

Next, Wiring and Electronics Setup - written docs for this are in the works, but we need your help to cover all the different controllers and wiring configurations out there. Please post to our forum #cohesion3d-rotary-attachment section with details about your machine, controller, and electronics and we will be happy to help you get up and running with your specific setup. Lots of pictures please!

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